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Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office
Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office

About QRO Online

QRO Online is your home for all state taxes, royalty and duties.

It’s a secure and convenient way to:

  • manage, lodge and pay your tax or duty
  • manage and lodge your mining and petroleum royalty.


To protect your data and make sure our systems are secure, we identify and authenticate all users.

We collect necessary information to meet our requirements under Australian privacy laws. If we don’t identify and authenticate each user, we cannot verify their right to access taxpayer information.

We use the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service (DVS). This is a secure online system that allows authorised departments in Australia to confirm an individual’s identity. The information is sent to DVS and is not stored by Queensland Revenue Office.

If your identity cannot be electronically verified, you may be asked to provide identity document details for manual verification. Your details will only be used to complete the verification process and retained by Queensland Revenue Office for this purpose. Read our terms of use for more information.

Get started in QRO Online

We have step-by-step guides to help you set up in QRO Online, including how to:

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Last updated: 11 November 2023