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Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office
Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office

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    For contact details and information on:

    Contact details for QRO

    You can contact Queensland Revenue Office (QRO) by:

    • online enquiry form
    • phone
    • mail.

    Our office hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

    We value your feedback and enquiries.

    Use this form to submit enquiries on state taxes or home owner grants, or to send comments and suggestions.

    We aim to reply to online enquiries within 7–10 days.

    Thank you. Someone from our team will contact you.

    Call 1300 300 734 (or +61 7 3179 2500 from outside Australia) during office hours for enquiries about:

    • making a payment
    • payment plans and debt management
    • duties (transfer duty or stamp duty, insurance duty, vehicle registration duty)
    • payroll tax
    • land tax and clearance certificates
    • home buyer grants and concessions
    • royalties
    • betting tax
    • QRO Online.

    Have your QRO client number handy when calling so that we can better help you.

    QRO Online payments for returns or transactions GPO Box 2475
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Debt management or payment plans GPO Box 139
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Duties GPO Box 2593
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Payroll tax GPO Box 2248
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Land tax GPO Box 2476
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Royalties GPO Box 5806
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Betting tax PO Box 15951
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant GPO Box 953
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Queensland Building Boost Grant GPO Box 5273
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    General mail and complaints PO Box 15931
    City East QLD 4002
    Investigations GPO Box 955
    Brisbane QLD 4001

    All our mail is screened by Decipha (a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia Post). This involves:

    • visual assessment to identify suspicious articles
    • an X-ray to detect harmful materials.

    Screening is safe for magnetic tape and high-speed film up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN).

    The screening process does not affect mail delivery times. Mail should be addressed to the correct postal address to ensure timely delivery and processing of documents and payments.

    Courier deliveries

    Couriers must deliver all items to Decipha.

    Address packages to:

    Queensland Revenue Office
    Contact name (if known)
    Business area (e.g. Duties, Royalties, Payroll tax, Land tax)
    PO box number for the business area
    C/- Decipha
    100 Victoria Street
    West End QLD 4101

    We cannot accept payments or documents in person.

    Report tax evasion or grant fraud

    If you think somebody is not complying with state law or claiming a first home buyer’s grant when they are not eligible, you can report it. The information you supply is confidential.

    Serve legal documents

    If you need to serve documents in a legal proceeding, we have certain officers who are authorised to accept documents on behalf of the Commissioner of State Revenue. Call us to arrange a time to serve legal documents on an officer delegated to accept service on the Commissioner’s behalf.


    You can lodge a complaint online or complete a complaint form.


    You can tell us about a good experience with our office by lodging a compliment online.

    Last updated: 23 August 2023