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Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office
Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office

Late lodgement and late payment of royalty

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    If you do not lodge a royalty return on time, we will charge a late lodgement fee. We may also make a default assessment based on the amount we reasonably believe is owed and issue you with a penalty.

    Late lodgement fee

    The late lodgement fee of $219.10 is charged if you fail to lodge a royalty return by the due date. The fee applies even if there is no royalty liability.

    In certain circumstances, we can remit the late fee. Read the public ruling on remission of the late lodgement fee (RLTY001) for more information.


    Penalties apply when we reassess your royalty liability (and find it understated) or a return has not been lodged and we make a default assessment.

    The penalty is 75% of the understated royalty, or of the liability assessed on a default assessment.

    In certain circumstances we can remit the penalty. See the public ruling on penalty tax (TAA060.2).

    The penalty is different to the civil penalty that is applied to certain incorrectly calculated monthly payments.

    Unpaid interest

    If you do not pay by the due date, interest will accrue daily until the royalty, related penalties and fees and accumulated interest are paid in full.

    If you have an outstanding royalty amount that is accruing unpaid interest, any payments you make will go towards interest, penalties and fees before the royalty.

    The unpaid interest rate for 2023–24 is 11.9%.

    In certain circumstances we may waive some or all the unpaid interest. See the public ruling on remitting unpaid tax interest (TAA060.1).

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    Last updated: 1 July 2023