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Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office
Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office

Obligations for transfer duty self assessors

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    You have certain obligations to fulfil as a registered transfer duty self assessor. Meeting these obligations will help you complete assessments and prevent reassessments, interest and penalties.

    Record keeping requirements

    You must keep all information used in assessing a person’s transfer duty liability for a minimum of 5 years following the transaction.

    We accept electronic records for audit purposes provided they can be readily produced if requested.

    If you hold original documents, be mindful that it is an offence to destroy a record that is required to be kept.

    Find out more about record keeping for tax purposes.

    Cancellation of registration

    Complete a notice for cancellation of self assessor registration (Form D12.4) to notify us within 14 days of ceasing to carry on a business.

    In most cases, changes in ownership to your business will require your registration to be cancelled. If so, you will need to lodge a new application for registration.

    Offences and penalties

    We may take legal action, impose a penalty amount, or suspend or cancel your registration if you:

    • fail to comply with your lodgement, payment, endorsement or record keeping obligations
    • give the Commissioner of State Revenue a transaction statement containing false or misleading information.

    For more information and details about contraventions, see the guidelines for imposing penalty amounts (SA4).

    Penalty amounts imposed are the greater of:

    • no more than 75% of the amount of duty payable for the transaction


    • $100.

    You can apply for a review of a decision to impose a penalty amount. For more information:

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    Last updated: 27 September 2023