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Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office
Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office

Insurance duty rates

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    Insurance duty is charged on the premium (the total amount paid to the insurance company for the insurance) and GST, which is considered part of the premium.

    Different rates apply based on the type of insurance the premium is paid for.

    General insurance

    The insurance duty rate for both class 1 and class 2 general insurance is 9% of the premium paid (including GST).

    Class 1 general insurance is general insurance other than compulsory third party (CTP) or class 2 general insurance.

    Class 2 general insurance is general insurance for, or relating to:

    • professional indemnity
    • a motor vehicle (other than CTP insurance)
    • a first home mortgage
    • personal injury relating to aircraft travel
    • a life insurance rider.

    A life insurance rider is attached to a life insurance policy and provides for additional capital payments if the insured person becomes disabled or accidentally dies. All or part of the premium for the rider must be stated separately on the policy.

    CTP insurance

    Insurance duty of 10 cents is imposed on a premium for CTP insurance.

    Life insurance

    The insurance duty on a contract of temporary or term life insurance is 5% of the first year’s premium.

    On another contract of life insurance, the duty is calculated as follows:

    • for a sum insured up to $2,000
      • 0.05% of the sum insured
    • for a sum insured over $2,000
      • 0.05% of the first $2,000
      • 0.1% of the balance of the sum insured.

    Accident insurance

    Insurance duty on WorkCover policies is 5% of the net premium.

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    Last updated: 16 March 2023