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Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office
Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office

Landholders and land-holdings for landholder duty

You pay landholder duty when you make a relevant acquisition in a landholder.

A landholder is a corporation or listed unit trust that has land-holdings in Queensland with an unencumbered value of $2 million or more.

There are 2 types of landholders:

  • private landholder—an unlisted corporation (i.e. a company not listed on a recognised stock exchange)
  • public landholder—a listed unit trust or listed corporation.

Land-holdings commonly include:

  • an interest in land, other than
    • a security interest
    • an interest in a trust
  • anything fixed to the land (e.g. pipelines, plant and equipment), whether or not the landholder has an interest in it
  • an interest in land, including anything fixed to the land, that is the subject of a purchase or sale agreement
  • the land-holdings of a subsidiary of the landholder
  • land-holdings held on trust by the landholder, where the landholder (or a subsidiary of the landholder) is a beneficiary of the trust
  • land-holdings held by the landholder for a partnership, regardless of the interest that the landholder has in the partnership.

Landholder duty was introduced on 1 July 2011 to replace land rich duty.

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Last updated: 16 March 2023