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Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office


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Land tax home exemption changes

Land tax
1 August 2023

From 1 July, we will apply a land tax home exemption if we have enough information that the land is being used as your home. We’ll send you a confirmation notice with details of what to do if our information is incorrect.

Home owner grants and transfer duty concessions

Duties, Grants
1 August 2023

If you received a grant and transfer (stamp) duty concession, make sure you understand your obligations about when to occupy the property and when you can sell or rent (all or part) the home.

The residency obligations for the grant and (stamp) duty concessions differ so it’s important that you make yourself familiar with them. Failure to comply may mean that you have to repay the grant or additional transfer duty.

Payroll tax annual return

Payroll tax
1 August 2023

The 2023 payroll tax annual return was due on Friday 28 July. If you haven’t lodged, late payment interest is accruing on any liability you owe.

Complete your return in QRO Online.