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Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office
Queensland Government - Queensland Revenue Office

Client charter

The Queensland Revenue Office service standards are outlined in our client charter. The charter also outlines:

  • our commitment to you
  • your role in supporting the ongoing prosperity of Queensland.

The revenue and grants we administer are important to the state economy and to all Queenslanders.

You play an important part in protecting Queensland’s revenue by fulfilling your responsibilities. Therefore, we want to provide a service that boosts community confidence and supports you in doing the right thing.

We are committed to respecting, protecting and promoting human rights. Under the Human Rights Act 2019, we have an obligation to act and make decisions in a way that is compatible with human rights, and properly consider human rights when making a decision.

We will respect you

We promise to respect you by:

  • treating you fairly and making decisions in accordance with the law
  • being courteous, and considerate of your circumstances and concerns
  • answering your questions promptly and clearly
  • making you aware of all your legal rights and how to exercise them, including the right to object or appeal our decisions and lodge a complaint.

We will give you guidance and assistance to ‘get it right’

We will help you meet your obligations and receive your entitlements by providing correct information. We will do our best to:

  • help you understand what you have to do and when
  • process your requests within the time outlined in our service standards.

We accept that you may have someone else represent you

You have the right to engage another person to help you in your dealings with us. To protect your privacy, we request that you give us written authorisation to deal with your representative. We will treat your representative as if we were dealing directly with you.

We will be accountable and act with integrity

We will:

  • be professional and act with integrity
  • explain our decisions, advise you of your rights and act within the law
  • ensure you are dealing with people who have appropriate skill levels
  • keep you informed of the progress of issues you have raised with us
  • publish our service standards
  • share with you the issues we are experiencing
  • correct any mistakes quickly.

We will recognise those who are trying to ‘do the right thing’

Our experience is that most people want to do the right thing, but sometimes make mistakes. We will:

  • help you get ‘back on track’
  • provide you with an opportunity to explain before we make a decision
  • treat you as being honest unless you act otherwise
  • explain why we ask questions or request information from you
  • give you enough time to respond to requests
  • question you only if we have good reason to do so
  • consider any financial difficulties you may have.

For the minority who deliberately do not meet the rules, maximum penalties will apply, and we may consider prosecution.

We will minimise cost and time spent dealing with us

We will provide services that minimise your expenses and the time it takes to deal with us. We will do our best to:

  • make our information readily available
  • notify you in advance of changes that apply to you
  • make it easier for you to meet your obligations and receive your entitlements.

We will protect your information

We have the power to access and require information from you. We will only do so where it is needed to assess if you are complying with requirements, or if you are eligible for a payment or refund. You can have confidence that we will protect your information and privacy because we will:

  • grant someone access to your information only if required or authorised by law
  • discuss your information only with you, or a person you have authorised.

We will listen to you

We want to understand your needs, and value your feedback because it helps us to improve our services. We encourage you to provide feedback by:

  • lodging an online form
  • calling 1300 300 734
  • posting a letter to PO Box 15931, City East  Qld  4002.

We expect you to be honest and take reasonable care

We can only meet our commitment to you if you (or the person who acts for you) are honest. We expect you to:

  • maintain and keep adequate records
  • give us truthful information
  • provide full facts and circumstances
  • take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and security of the information you provide
  • tell us straightaway if you have, or think you have, made a mistake
  • lodge documents and information by the due date
  • pay debts by the due date
  • take reasonable steps to secure your access to our online lodgement system (e.g. maintaining your list of authorised users, regularly changing your password, ensuring only authorised persons use the system).

We expect you to be cooperative

When you cooperate with us, we can normally resolve issues quickly and at less expense to you. We expect you to help us by:

  • treating us with courtesy and respect
  • keeping us informed of any changes to your circumstances or contact details
  • responding to our requests in a timely manner
  • telling us of any issues that may affect your ability to meet your obligations.

Our service standards outline our commitment to our clients, to provide quality and timely service.

If you provide us with all the necessary information, we can process your documents without delays.

We hope to have your matter finalised within the timeframes below. Note that:

  • these timeframes apply from the date we receive all the necessary information
  • working days do not include weekends or public holidays.

We action matters in order of date received.

We will consider urgently assessing your documents if you explain your circumstances in a covering letter or email at the time you lodge documents.

If a lodged matter has passed the timelines below, or has become time sensitive, you can:

  • contact the QRO officer who is looking after your matter (if known)
  • complete the online enquiry form to request urgent attention.

Even though we cannot guarantee an urgent assessment, we will try to prioritise these matters where possible. This can depend on the number of lodgements awaiting assessment.

Area Action Our processing time
General Telephone calls We aim to answer 60% of calls in 2 minutes.
Emails and other online enquiries 2 working days to acknowledge receipt
10 working days to action
Complex enquiries may take longer.
Duties Standard assessments 10 working days
Registration application (self assessor) 10 working days from the date we receive all necessary information, which we may request from you after you lodge your initial application
Complex assessments, including:

  • corporate reconstruction
  • landholders
  • mining interests
  • partnerships
  • trusts
30 working days
If you give us your email address or mobile number, we will send you a notification confirming we have received your documents.
Payroll tax Registration application 20 working days from the date we receive all necessary information, which we may request from you after you lodge your initial application
Application for exclusion from group 60–180 working days
Betting tax Registration application 10 working days
Land tax Clearance certificate—online application via third-party provider Immediate if all required information is available
Up to 10 working days if the provider refers the application to us for processing
Clearance certificate—mail application 10 working days, plus postal delivery time
This can take longer (e.g. recent subdivision plans; relevant information is not available).
Grants First home owner grant application 10 working days
If your grant application involves related parties or potential disqualifying arrangements, it will take longer to process. Find out more about the first home owner grant application and payment process.
Charitable institutions Registration application 30 working days

If you make a complaint, we will send you an acknowledgement letter within 5 working days.

It might take us up to 60 working days to respond if the matter is complex. These time frames do not apply to matters already under investigation.

Last updated: 16 March 2023